2015. Let’s Do This.

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The New Year is finally here and there is so much to be thankful for! I had an amazing 2014 and am so excited to see what 2015 has in store. After a successful day of skiing today with my hubby at beautiful Crystal Mountain [my first time since learning last season], I’m sitting here on the couch with my long John’s on, a glass of red wine, my puppy snuggling by my side and my amazing husband in the kitchen cooking dinner. He’s making Dutch Oven Chicken + Roasted Vegetables [his recipe]. The recipe will be on the blog shortly. But first, I’d like to share some of my favorite things from 2014 and my goals for 2015.

2014 highlights.

1.  I began Nutritiously Rooted.

This is where I truly get to share my passion for food + nutrition. Sounds kind of cliche, I know, but it’s so true. After a long day of work I get excited to come home and “work” on the blog. My idea for Nutritiously Rooted has been a long time in the making. I thought about it a lot and knew I wanted to start this blog, but I also had fears that I couldn’t do it, or at least couldn’t do it to my standards. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be possible. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and the direction I continue to go with it. Stay tuned for lots more to come in 2015!

New Year


2. Shortly after ringing in the 2014 New Year, I took a position as Certified Nutritionist at Pinnacle Medical Wellness.

I’ve been able to share my knowledge of whole food nutrition with so many clients who have truly taken the time and effort to embrace a new holistic lifestyle, because that is what I teach. I teach clients about the importance of eating real food, about taking care of their bodies and embracing the process of becoming a healthier person. Long gone are the days of calorie counting, dieting + restriction. That’s not life. It’s not sustainable, and it’s not healthy.

Each day I continue to learn and grow in this profession, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Looking back just a few years ago, I’m thrilled with the direction that my professional life has gone and the opportunities yet to come.



3. I learned how to ski for the first time!

My husband was adamant that I would learn to ski so we could have a fun, winter hobby to do together. I was hesitant because my thought of skiing was always a fearful one. And me, at 27 years old [at the time], would I be able to pick it up, and would I even be able to keep up? Let’s just say I had a lot of fears. It was a rocky start for sure, but after a professional ski lesson, a few trip to Crystal Mountain in Washington State and a trip to Whistler Resort in Canada, I’m so proud to finally be a decent skier. And today, the first time in 2015, my husband was shocked at my progress. That says a lot.

[Whistler ski trip January 2014.]

skiing with bryce

4. Long-time friends were a priority.

I think a lot of people have experienced losing touch with friends over time, even I have. But what I’m so incredibly thankful for is making time for my long-time elementary school girl friends who mean so much to me. We started as a foursome and gradually grew to eight as we became married and engaged. Welcoming our main men into our friend circle has been so fun!

Being that we live in three different states, it can be hard to get together, but we made it happen a few time this past year. Most notable was probably our Lake Shasta houseboat trip. It was one for the books, and one that I hope we get to do again. You can’t go wrong with sunshine, water sports + best friends. Then we made it back to our hometown for a college football game + tailgate. I can’t thank my friends [new and old] enough for everything that we’ve been together, and for the continued friendship that we have.

Cougar Game and Friends

And then there’s 2015. What do you have in store for me? Whatever it is, I’m excited to find out! Goal setting plays an important role in making progress and feeling accomplished, which is why I try and set some goals for myself, personally + professionally. Here’s a few thing on the agenda to accomplish this year.

2015 goals.

1. Continue to grow Nutritiously Rooted.

More than anything, I want this blog to be a place that you send your friends and family to because you love the recipes and have learned something from my nutrition tips. I love to help people eat well and feel well through food, but I also have a creative side. I’m lucky enough to get to combine both through Nutritiously Rooted. I’ll continue to share some awesome + tasty recipes and teach you [and your family and friends] how to embrace a whole-food based diet + lifestyle. I promise it’s worth it.

Nutritiously Rooted


2. Maintain a healthy balance between work + life.

This is a goal my husband and I have gone in on together. We both understand the importance of “leaving work at work,” meaning that we don’t dwell on some of the not-so-great things that may have happened at work that day/week. I’ve made the decision to live my life based on one of my favorite mottos: don’t live to work, work to live. I love this because it means that you make time to simply live + enjoy life, instead of focusing only on work.

It’s also worth noting that finding work that is compatible with your beliefs and passions can be incredibly empowering. Work consumes most of our lives and often times is a reflection of our self-worth. Being able to do something that you truly love can be so fulfilling. I couldn’t be more thankful to have the job that I do. I didn’t always know that the nutrition field was in my future, and the road to getting here wasn’t easy, but what I can say is that it was worth it. I hope you can look back someday and say the same thing.




3. Take risks.

Professionally + personally, this is an important one. Without taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone I won’t be able to grow. Taking risks means that you’re willing to fail as long as you try. In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn something along the way, and grow. In fact, a little failure can be eye-opening because it reinforces the idea that we are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. And that’s fine. What matters is that you take risks, you grow, and you learn from your mistakes. I promise that if you make the decision to be a risk taker in 2015, you will look back one year from now and be thankful for all that you’ve learned and accomplished.

eating well magazine2

Here’s to a fabulous, healthy 2015. Live it up!

In health,


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