Hi there and welcome to Nutritiously Rooted! My name is Angela. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in food – eating that is. It wasn’t until later that I found my passion for the connection between food, nutrition and health. Following my gut back in 2010, I enrolled at the nationally-known holistic school, Bastyr University where I received a Master’s degree in Nutrition. I currently coach clients via phone and the internet. Through counseling clients I work to change people’s approach to how they view food + nutrition. It’s no longer about counting calories, but rather about making educated nutrition decisions, listening to our bodies and enjoying real food. It’s about feeding the body the right foods so that we are more naturally able to get healthy and stay healthy.

I have lived in Washington State all of my life, but am currently living in the Netherlands [right outside of Eindhoven] with my husband and toddler daughter. We will be here for a few years because of an opportunity my husband had through his job. We adore living abroad and getting to explore all that Europe has to offer.

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I haven’t always made the best nutrition decisions [knowingly or unknowingly], and as a result, my health suffered. There was a point where every day I was tired, irritable, moody and had terrible digestion. Each day was a struggle and I felt like I was suffering inside a body I desperately wanted out of. But I didn’t know how to get better. This is where Nutritiously Rooted comes in. Through my blog I will share what healthy really means, how to make simple changes to get there through cooking + lifestyle changes, and how to understand that your individual nutrition needs may be different than someone else’s.

Once I decided to make myself a priority things changed. When I look back now I can see how far I have come, and I never want to go back. These days I am energized and ready to take on the world. Through personal experience I’ve learned how eating the right foods can fuel + heal your body from the inside out. Nutritiously Rooted is an avenue where I get to share my experiences, my education and my love for all things food + nutrition.

Angela and Bryce Snow

I have an amazing husband who has been with me through it all. He’s my support system, my taste tester, my backboard to bounce ideas off of, and best yet he’s the love of my life. I learned [hesitantly at first] from my husband to slow down and take more time in the kitchen which has enhanced my love for cooking. I like to follow recipes when trying something new, but what I truly love is to create new dishes of my own.

We have a yorkie puppy named Duke who we just can’t get enough of. He’s spunky, playful, laid back and such a cuddler.

Duke Nutritiously Rooted

In my free time I love to cook + bake, hang out with friends + family, enjoy the outdoors [whether that’s out boating, camping, hiking or skiing], but most of the time I love just soaking in the little things in life like enjoying a homemade meal, a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine and even dark chocolate, because who wants to deprive themselves of the things we love? Not me! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to visit Nutritiously Rooted ♥

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