Creating a Healthy, Superfood Salad


Lunch can be one of the most difficult meals of the day to make healthy choices. The reason being that most of us are at work and we’re busy. So busy that we don’t have time to pack a lunch or make healthy choices. So what do we resort to?

[1] the dreaded drive-thru
[2] skipping lunch – not a good idea!
[3] mindless snacking on convenience/processed foods.


To help you end the lunch time conundrum, here are some simple tips for make-ahead salads that are nutritious, delicious and the furthest thing from boring.

By now, if you’ve followed my blog at all, you know I’m a stickler for balance. And salads are no exception. When it comes to making a salad, it’s a lot more than just boring lettuce + dressing. A superfood salad is something that contains all the macronutrients:

[1] carbs
[2] clean protein
[3] healthy fats
[4] bonus: super food salads are packed with vitamins, minerals + fiber from a variety of veggies.


So let’s get started. Check out the chart below to build your own, not-so-boring Superfood Salad:

Superfood Salad Ingredients


This looks like a lot, I know. But just pick some of your favorites from each section and you can ensure you’ve got a healthy, balanced and satisfying salad!

What I love doing it taking whatever leftovers I have from the night before and adding them onto mixed salad greens and a few extras to make a hearty and filling lunch. Have taco leftovers? Perfect. Use the leftover taco meat and make a taco salad, but don’t forget to add a few other goodies like avocado, raw or leftover cooked veggies, Mexican brown rice, salsa, etc.

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Share your Superfood Salads on Nutritiously Rooted by using the hashtags: #superfoodsalad and #nutritiouslyrooted.


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