What’s Valentine’s Day Without Chocolate?

Nutty Dark Chocolate Bite Hearts

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice.


You don’t need an excuse to enjoy chocolate, but why not make Valentine’s Day a day to celebrate it! Whether you’re cooking up a little something special for your hunny this Valentine’s Day or you just want to enjoy something sweet, make chocolate part of your day, because why not? Here are a few of my favorite chocolate recipes from the blog! Enjoy!


Nutty Dark Chocolate Bites [heart-shaped or not, you choose.]

recipe is here.

In order to make these Valentine’s Day worthy, you can easily make them in to heart shapes. Just take some foil and roll it up and make several heart-shaped molds [or you can use heart-shaped cookie molds]. Then place those molds onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet, add your fruit/nut mixture and top with chocolate. You’ll pop these babies in to the fridge until the chocolate is set up and then gently remove the molds. And voila! Heart-shaped Nutty Dark Chocolate Bites!

Banana-Cocoa Muffins

recipe is here.

Dark Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Bites

find the recipe here.

Making something special for dinner this Valentine’s Day?

Check out the blog for tons of healthy dinner ideas that will turn your Valentine’s Day into something truly special. Because we all know the way to a man [or woman’s] heart is food, right? Everything over there is Nutritionist + husband approved!


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